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CEO and Founder


Marketing Director

IT Director

For Gen Z in messenger

#ChatBot #FinTech #AI


15+ years in corporate finance and top management 

Successful startup exit

Vladimir Kozhevnikov

Alexander Popov

Michail Popov

BigData, NLP, AI
IT architecture

Branding and marketing
in social media and banking

Successful startup exit

Across languages and messenger platforms

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For Gen Z in messenger


Financial wellness 

Become a 24/7 financial adviser to your customers


Conversational interface

Intelligent and actionable insights into financial habits to better serve your customers

Advanced analytics

Understands commands in natural language and relies instantly. Use machine learning to enhance experience

Brand loyalty

Build customer loalty

Conciege service

Gen Z choose TalkBank 

#ChatBot #FinTech #AI

Collect bonuses

TalkBank makes perfect sense

Pay, transfer, split bills

Get instant card


Acquired first 1000+ cardholders

Raised pre-seed investment


World's top 20 financial chatbots


Increased revenue

Easy integration

Launched own chatbot platforfm opened to partners

Awarded in Russia and abroad


Less costs

All in your messenger

TalkBank up and running in 6 months

Partnered with 2 banks


Financial advising 24/7

Value chain for bank 

Featured in

In partnership with

Banking solutions

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